Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama-Fly Becomes 44th President of the United States

Washington, D.C.- What has been hailed as the most historic day in American history, the Inauguration of our first black president, was plagued by an unlikely, science-fiction, mistake.

According to reports, as the President Elect Barack Obama took his historic oath of office, he began to metamorphose into a half man-half fly being. The horrified crowd looked on, helplessly, as he repeated the phrase “So help me god”, solidifying his acceptance of the office.

 “Well, the new President seems to have a fly head,” stated Paul Allen, a schoolteacher from Portland, Oregon. “But at least he’s not Bush.”

Many were confused about the cause of the appalling transformation, and hopeful that it was not a sign of things to come. Experts offered some insight.

“It seems that a common, ordinary housefly landed on the Lincoln Bible at the exact moment of the inauguration,” explained Dr. Seth Brundle, a brilliant, but eccentric scientist. “The Oath of Office could not differentiate between Mr. Obama’s and the fly’s DNA. The result was a synthesis of the two creating, what I call, Obama-fly.”

 Just a few short hours after the change, people close to the President reported him being stronger and more nimble than before. President Obama insists that the change will not affect his policy, or the goals he intends to reach while in office.

 “Yes, I have a fly head, bzzzbzzz,” said President Obama. “But I am this country’s forty-fourth President, and I will bzzbzz execute this office to the best of my abilities.”

 Sources reported President Obama behaving normally aside from the fact that he requested a plate full of sugar at the traditional inaugural brunch, proclaiming to the other guests, “This is how Obama-Fly eats.”