Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sexually Curious Japanese Polar Bear Dresses As Boy To Enter Kushiro Zoo

Tokyo, Japan – Zookeepers in Northern Japan have uncovered a secret about a polar bear that has been living in their zoo for three years, the bear is a female.

 Tsuyoshi, the gender bending bear, was brought in with the express purpose of mating with Kurumi, a resident 11-year-old female polar bear. After placing the two bears together, zookeepers were baffled by the lack of breeding that was taking place.

 “Tsuyoshi was our great hope for impregnating Kurumi,” said Keitaro Mufune, curator of large mammals at the zoo in Hokkaido. “Early on there were mating displays, though they seemed awkward. There was even some tender, timid, sexual contact but no babies have been conceived. Now we know why.”

 Experts have questioned how qualified zoologists could be unaware of the bear’s gender after all of this time.

 “When Tsuyoshi arrived, he (she) had a short haircut,” explained Mufune. “Tsuyoshi was delivered wearing a flannel shirt and fake mustache. He (she) even expressed a healthy interest in the undergarments of school-aged girls (a common interest shared by Japanese men).”

 According to reports, Tsuyoshi (named after a popular Japanese baseball player) seemed bored and listless for several months following her arrival at the zoo. The bear was only comforted by listening to Culture Club albums and repeatedly watching “Boys Don’t Cry”.

 Last week, after becoming concerned with the fruitless mating, zookeepers sedated the bear to give her an examination. Only then did they discover her secret.

 “Tsuyoshi actually had several tube socks concealed under pelt making her seem, at least in appearance, to be a male,” noted Mufune. “This type of thing is not entirely uncommon. Young women regularly dress as boys to attain the respect of peers, gain admission to prestigious schools, and fight in wars. At least that’s what movies, television, and Manga (Japanese comic books) have lead me to believe.”

 The Kushiro Zoo has no intention of getting rid of Tsuyoshi as she has become a popular icon for them.

 “She is part of the family now,” said Mufune. “The visitors love her, and I think she teaches us a powerful lesson. If you want something, all you have to do is dress as the opposite gender and you can get it. Young women everywhere can see that it is easy to fool even the most qualified professional and throw off the shackles of your worthless gender.”

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

British, Others Terribly Confused Over What Football Is

Canton, OH (Pro Football Hall of Fame) – Football is one of the five most popular professional sports played in the United States. It stands shoulder to shoulder with some of the greatest sports ever played, baseball, basketball, hockey, etc.

 Despite its national popularity some members of the international community (we’re looking at you, England) are ignorant as to what football really is. For the sake of the uneducated, we have included a short explanation of the real game of football, as it appears in the book, “Football, We Mean Real Football” by Lance Cooper.

 Football is a game played by giants. It is played on a field one hundred and nine meters long by forty-eight meters wide. Each team begins play with eleven players on the field and play ends when all but one player is dead. It is played with an oblong, football-shaped ball.

The word football comes from medieval Europe when peasants played games on foot, as opposed to equestrian games played by the aristocracy.

 Allegedly, there is an international misconception that football is played by small Nancy-boys in long shorts who are not allowed to hurt each other at all. Experts are suggesting that there is a strong correlation between ignorance of the game of football and the excessive use of the letter “U”.

 “We are not ignourant of the existence of American foutball,”[sic] said Nigel Baker, a sports reporter from London. “We just doun’t think of that game when we say foutball.”

 Sources say that Mr. Baker is an idiot, and that he made up the term “American football”. Despite their ridiculous, boring, concept of football, Britain is not devoid of violent, entertaining sports. Rugby is a widely enjoyed sport in the U.K. and around the world.

 In the course of research for this article it was revealed that many, many other regions are confused about the definition of football. Much like England, they also have goofy, quasi-entertaining sports such as, Jai-alai (South America), Lacrosse (Europe), Boot-wazzle (Australia), and the always-interesting Hurling (Ireland)*.

 *Not to be confused with the ultra-lame Curling which is popular in Canada. 

Lance Cooper writes the Sports section of He is currently in the bathtub eating a taco. Lance is the author of the bestselling book "Whooo!!! Sports" which can be found in local book stores. 

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Monday, November 24, 2008

The Smell of Donuts Intoxicating Reports Manager of Donut Shop

Louisville, KY – “It’s the most fantastic smell I’ve ever smelled,” says 46-year-old Bill Anderson, manager of a local donut shop. “That’s why I work here, because I love donuts. It’s not like I couldn’t get another job, I just love this one.”

 Locals and patrons of “DoNut Disturb” report that Anderson has been working there for years and that he doesn’t seem to like donuts at all.

 “I remember a couple of years ago when it was called ‘D’oh! Nuts!” said one patron. “Bill said that he would be quitting in a few weeks because he had just applied to haberdasher’s school. He was going to make hats. Bill hates donuts.”

 “La, la, la, la, la, I love donuts,” sang Anderson as he tried to stifle a gag. “They’re so sugary fantastic and sweet! I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Also, they really appreciate me and my ideas.”

 “That guy has got some problems,’ noted Arthur Bicklestein, Regional Manager of Amalgamated Microsystems and Information Condensation Industries Incorporated, the company which owns “DoNut Disturb”. “We’re looking for a replacement right now, but he is our most senior employee, having worked in that shop for over twenty years.”

 Bicklestein acknowledged Anderson’s good attendance and persistence but illuminated some of Anderson’s flaws as an employee.

 “He always has these stupid ideas,” explained Bickelstein as he shook his head. “He wanted to call the place, ‘Please, DoNut Feed The Bears’. What in the hell is that? We don’t have bears here! And when he messes up, he blames everything on his mother.”

 Acquintences of Anderson report that he has pursued other career paths. Allegedly, he wanted to be a video game tester, a wedding cake designer, a 19th century boot black, a haberdasher, and a professional furry (whatever that is). Records suggest that all of those options fell through.

 Anderson was not willing to listen to what his regional manager had to say but he left us with this message; “The smell of donuts is intoxicating, that’s why I still work here, MOM! I could work elsewhere, I just love donuts!”

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Mark Cuban Accused of Wanting to Buy Cubs

Chicago, IL – Billionaire Mark Cuban has been accused of having a desire to buy the Chicago Cubs.

 “What kind of sick bastard would want to buy this team?” asked Chicago police Officer, Brian Craig. “It’s like some kind of freaky masochism. I could barely stomach it when regular fans filled up Wrigley field, but this is just out of line.”

 According to reports, Cuban received information that the team was for sale and announced his intentions shortly after that, a move that has the Securities and Exchanges Commission concerned.

 “What he did isn’t really the biggest of our concerns,” said a Representative of the SEC. “We think it’s fishy that anyone would want to buy such an awful, awful team.”

 The news comes as a shock to many, save Cuban’s closest friends.

 “He’s not a bad guy,” explained one of Cuban’s friends who chose to remain anonymous. “I just think he’s sick. Something isn’t right in his head, and I hope this investigation will help him get the help he needs.”

 For non-baseball fans, the concern here may be difficult to understand. Baseball expert, Noel Brockenheimer elaborated on why this is such a controversial move.

 “There’s just so crummy,” Brockenheimer told reporters, wrought with emotion. “Really, really bad. They’re just…I mean, my god…really crummy.”

 Cuban defended himself against the accusations.

 “Whoa, wait, the Cubs? You mean the Chicago Cubs?” asked a defensive Cuban on Wednesday. “I’d have to be crazy, or stupid, and you don’t end up being the chairman of HDNet and owning the Dallas Mavericks by being crazy or stupid. The insider trading, yeah, I’ve been doing the shit out of that. For years, insider this, insider that, all over the place. But I never once said I wanted to buy the Cubs.”

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

President Bush Declares “Cooperating Too Hard”, Embarks On Seven-Week Nap

Washington, D.C. – After the election of Barack Obama as the United States’ forty-fourth President, the incumbent President George Bush promised complete cooperation with the transfer of power. President Bush cited this “peaceful exchange of power” as being a hallmark of this nation’s great democracy and made a big deal about his willingness to cooperate.

 Many people may have noticed that his cooperation is not a big deal, as every single American President, except the ones who were assassinated and Richard M. Nixon, gave nothing but their full cooperation.

 Two weeks after making his promise to do as he is expected and get the hell out of the next President’s house, Bush is losing steam.

 “Hey, this is pretty hard,” Bush told an aid. “Can I stop cooperating now?”

 White House aids have been split in their reaction. Some of them note that this is the most the President has had to do during his entire administration and sympathize with the sleepy Commander in Chief. Others have taken what they call the “don’t let the door hit you” approach and begun to ignore him entirely.

 “I’m sleepy,” said the President. “I didn’t have anybody to show me around the White House when I took over.”

 Aids reminded him that he did, in fact receive similar cooperation from his predecessor, Bill Clinton, and that he didn’t try to make a big deal out of it.

 “Muunh! I don’t wanna do it anymore,” Bush began to pout. “I’m going to my comfy office.”

 From what aids report, the “comfy office” to which he referred is his bedroom, where he spent a large part of his administration. From getting security briefings, to planning strategic military actions, to meeting foreign dignitaries, he did it all from his bed, in the comfort of his Presidential jammy-jams. Reportedly, he was hoping that this transition would be no different.

 “The President is really out of his element,” said a top White House aid. “He hasn’t had to do any cooperating, ever. During his first term, Secretary [Colin] Powell did all of the cooperating. Then when he left, there just wasn’t any. The usually clowns and magic shows aren’t working, he’s really upset.”

 “Hey guys,” said President Bush to his staff. “I’m just gonna go to sleep for a little while. Wake me up for that coronation thing, or whatever it’s called. You know, the thing where I make that new guy in charge.”

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Jesus Returns to Find “Awful Mess”

Jerusalem, Israel – “I’m home,” melodiously shouted Jesus Christ through his grocery bags as he kicked the front door shut. “I know I’m a little late.”
The God-man returned home on Tuesday after a two thousand year absence. He was decidedly less than happy with the state of things.
“I’m gone for a little while and look at this place,” said Christ. “What in the hell did you guys do?”
Christ was presumably upset by the state of affairs in the world, war, sin, and global climate change. The King of the Jews said that he believed we were on the right path when he left.
“Do you know what I had to do to help you guys out? I don’t think you do,” scolded Christ. “You know, you’re not the only beings in the Universe that need saving. I just came back from saving two hundred other galaxies, and boy are my arms tired. No, seriously, I’m off dying to absolve entire species of original sin and you can’t hold down the fort for a few thousand years, for shame.”
“To be honest, I never expected him to come back,” said a prominent member of the Vatican. “I was really caught off guard when he just showed up. I tried to tell him that we’ve been doing our part, but the heretics and Pagans are causing all kinds of trouble.”
According to reports, many Christian church leaders tried to make excuses.
“Some asshole tried to blame this on the Cat in the Hat,” exclaimed the insulted messiah. “The Cat in the Hat for crying out loud! Does he think I don’t know who the Cat in the Hat is?”
Influential Christian religious leader Rev. Jesse Jackson made comments on the momentous second coming of Christ.
“He’s been gone a really long time,” said Jackson. “I figured he might not know who the Cat in the Hat is.”

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Family Selects Grandma’s House To Host “Morton Mania III”

Eugene, OR – Like many American families, the Mortons intend to spend Thanksgiving together, in the agonizing shackles of each other’s company.  There will be traditions followed, carving of the turkey, wishing on the wishbone, and heavy drinking.

 Hosting of the annual Morton family gathering is a prestigious honor, which passes from home to home each year. This year, on account of the dinner being held at Gladys and Tim’s house last year, is Grandma Morton’s turn.

 “A couple of years back, I noticed that everybody fights on Thanksgiving,” explained 23-year-old Warren Morton. “You know, Grandpa gets drunk and starts telling all of his kids that they ruined his life. Then Dad and his brothers and sisters start yelling about girlfriends they stole and cars they wrecked. And the best part is when Grandma starts screaming, ‘you’re all a bunch of animals! If my mama were alive to see this!’ That’s when I started calling it Morton Mania.”

 The tradition of a battle royale style fight between the Mortons has been going on for decades, but has only recently been named. Warren Morton says he is looking forward to the big headline match, but the openers will be quite entertaining.

 “The night will kick off with Stone Cold Aunt Lily versus The Egg Nog,” said Warren. “Followed by Grandpa versus ‘His Disappointments’, then my favorite, The Iron Dad versus Ragin’ Uncle Bruce.”

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Case of Tourette’s Complicates “Do As I Say” Rule

Carson City, NV – As a general rule John Gardner is a good stepfather to his new wife’s teenaged sons. He is fair and strictly adheres to the rules of the house, not wanting to disrupt the effective system of discipline, which has served the boys so well.

 However, Gardner has Tourette’s syndrome, a neuropsychiatric disorder that causes uncontrollable tics, both motor and vocal. Gardner displays a relatively rare vocal tic characterized by the shouting of obscenities. This fact makes it difficult for sixteen year old Brian and fourteen year old Peter to observe the long standing “Do as I say” rule.

 “I try to listen to John,” said the distraught Brian. “But it’s hard when he says to do things like ‘f***the Pope.”

 Gardner moved in with the family last year, which inspired a discussion between Mary, Gardner’s new wife, and her sons.

 “I want you to show John the same respect you show me,” Mary told her sons. “Do whatever he tells you to do.”

 Moments later, Gardner expressed his agreement wife the boys’ mother, adding “sh**, f***ers, Coke bottle in the rear.”

 “Except that,” said Mary. “I don’t want any Coke bottles going anywhere weird.”

 The teenage boys were told to use their judgment in determining which directives are legitimate, and which are random interjections resulting from the Tourette’s.

 “I understand that I’m not your father,” Gardner told his stepsons. “But I love your…ass…I mean…f***…your mother…bitch!”    

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

IRS Going Out of Business

Washington, D.C. – The financial crisis seems to be affecting businesses, individuals, and organizations across the board. National electronics chain Circuit City has recently announced being in financial trouble, and the ambiguous house wares dealer Linens-n-Things will be closing its doors in the near future.

 Unfortunately, the damage doesn’t stop with second-rate retail chains. Today, the Internal Revenue Service announced that they would be going out of business. Nobody knows exactly how to feel about it.

 “We never wanted it to come to this,” said Benjamin Sherman, Assistant to the Director of the IRS. “Things just didn’t go the way we expected.”

 Reportedly, the IRS has approached the federal government for assistance, only to be turned down. Lawmakers argue that this isn’t a mess for which the American taxpayers should be held responsible.

 “If we go out of business,” passionately explained an agitated Sherman. “There won’t be any tax money! We are the revenue stream for the entire country! Re-Ve-Nue Service! Why are people so stupid?”

 According to reports, the IRS is taking measures to minimize the loss. They have announced a going out of business sale at which taxpayer IDs and vital taxpayer information will be sold at bargain prices. 

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Final Popular Vote Actually Went to George W. Bush

Washington, D.C. – A full week after the November 4th general election, the last of the ballots have finally been counted.  Shockingly, a large number of them were for the incumbent President George W. Bush.

 “We were a little surprised as most people know that no President may serve more than two terms,” said elections official Craig Bartollo. “It seemed strange that so many people would vote for him despite his having no chance at victory.”

 Unlike in the 2000 election, the cryptically pro-Bush votes were not concentrated in one pivotal state; they were evenly distributed across the nation. There was such a saturation of these votes that, this time anyway, President Bush won the popular vote.

 “It was truly amazing,” stated Bartollo. “The total number of people who voted was upwards of one hundred and twenty-two million. Apparently, fifty-five million of those people voted for George Bush.  If you add that to the number of people who voted for President elect Obama and Senator McCain, you get approximately one hundred and seventy-seven million people. That just isn’t possible. Somebody is cheating, I don’t now who, but I have my suspicions.”

 Taking this information into account, experts are retracting allegations that President Bush’s previous victories were somehow unfairly won.

 “If he won by this kind of margin this time, when he couldn’t even take office for a third term, then maybe he won fair and square the other two times,” said Nathan Greybeck, a political analyst. “I used to think that somehow, he rigged the first two, but he’s obviously got some support.”

 Members of the Bush Administration are declining to comment on the strange outpouring of support for the incumbent. This massive number of votes comes during a time when George W. Bush is the least popular President in American history. A recent Gallop Poll shows that the voting public has more confidence in Checkers Nixon than George W. Bush, and would vote for the dog if that fictional election were to take place, despite Checkers being dead.

 When questioned about the votes, the President simply laughed nervously and said, “oops.”

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Whiskey Bottle Empties Self, Poisons Owner

Detroit, MI – Carl Wright awakened this morning with a splitting headache, according to the police report. But he doesn’t remember what happened last night, Wright called police suspecting foul play.

 “I sat down to watch TV last night and I opened that big bottle of whiskey to have a glass,” said the photosensitive victim. “I don’t remember anything after that. Either somebody broke in, clubbed me over the head, drank all of my whiskey, and left me lying unconscious on the couch, or that whiskey bottle is evil and it drugged me.”

 After recreating the crime, police are still struggling to understand what happened.

 “It is as Mr. Wright said,” stated Police Chief Lawson. “Either someone clubbed him to drink all of his gallon, sized, bargain whiskey, or the whiskey had a sinister role to play.”

 Officer Larson continued to speculate.

 “A likely scenario is that the whiskey, having been trapped in a barrel for no less than five years, as the label suggests, was eager to escape. Viewing Mr. Wright as its ruthless captor, the spirit plotted a devious escape. It would make its way to the refrigerator; dissolve illegally acquired tranquilizers into Mr. Wright’s favorite soft drink. The whiskey would then return to the locked cabinet in which it was stored. It waited for days until Mr. Wright consumed the drugged soft drink, and then opened the bottle. Once the bottle was open and Mr. Wright was unconscious, the spirit would pour from its vessel and escape by flowing under the door. It was a brilliant scheme.”

 Officer Larson continued to explain that the possibility of a robber breaking in simply to steal whiskey was unlikely.

 “That must have been some powerful drug,” said Wright. “Apparently, at some point in the night I vomited and I believe the whiskey defecated in my pants, just to add insult to injury.”

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Friday, November 7, 2008

30% Of Americans Lost in “His Eyes”

Chicago, IL – A recent poll of ten million Americans reveals a girlish infatuation with President Elect, Barack Obama.
According to the poll, nearly thirty percent of the participants have been distracted from the tumultuous state of events in the world and lulled into a sense of comforted awe by the Obama.
“No, no, I’m totally…um, I’m sorry what was I saying? (Sighs) It’s really great,” stated Bank Manager Paul Giacono. “You were asking me if I was-- I’m just really happy right now.”
American Statistics Analysis Inc. (ASA Inc.) is the Chicago based company that conducted the poll. The company was, allegedly, very careful to select a broad spectrum of participants to avoid excessive demographic concentration.
“We tried very hard to poll as diverse a group as possible,” said Jim Winthrop, Executive Vice President of ASA Inc. “We polled Obama supporters, McCain supporters, women, men, gay, straight, Mormon, Jewish, midget, you name it. They all seemed to be distracted by images of the President Elect on newspapers, buses, t-shirts, tattoos, and the like.”
Among the questions asked was a particularly pointed question about the current national economic collapse. Few people seemed concerned, responding with concise answers such as “Dreamy”, hysterical giggling, and comforted sighs.
No one can truly say what the future will hold, but…um…wow, I think everything is going to be okay.
*Special thanks to the Chicago Sun-Times for providing such a hypnotic photo.

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Geese Migrating Just to Sh** on Bill’s Car

Crown Point, IN – Bill Richardson parks his car on the same street every day. His parking space is directly in front of his apartment, which faces a three-acre park. Richardson admits that he’s pretty happy with where he lives and parks his car.

 “I’m pretty happy with where I live and park my car,” said Richardson.

 However, all of that happiness and good fortune go down the drain when the geese begin to migrate. Geese love sh**ing on Bill’s car.

 “When it gets cooler in the fall, they sh** on my car,” said Richardson, wringing his hands and peering out the window to check on his car. “When it gets warmer in the spring, they come and sh** on my car. I’m at my wit’s end here. I tried shooing them away, but they just hiss at me and I think they actually sh** more after that.”

 Richardson’s apartment faces a large park, the only one for a few miles. Twice per year, this park is a pit stop for Canadian geese. They are drawn to the area by its abundant crayfish population and night crawlers, which they feed on.

 Family members have suggested that it is simply the risk of living across the street from a park.

 “It’s only my car,” said an increasingly agitated Richardson. “I don’t get it, what did I do? I’m afraid they’re going to start sh**ing on me personally. And I can’t even figure out what they’re eating. I don’t know, it’s got to be like, house paint, or something.”

 When contacted for comment, the geese were more than happy to speak out.

 “Oh man, he noticed?” Eagerly questioned the flock’s leader, Ahgnghk. “Wow, that’s great. We f***ing hate that guy. We’ve been sh**ing on his car, almost exclusively for three seasons now. He even tried getting a new car, but we’re not dumb, we spotted that crafty bastard. At first I was just like, ‘Hey, check out this douche bag.’ But then, one morning, we were just trying to sleep and he comes running into the field swinging his jacket around and yelling. My flock was scared. So I got up, made my self look all big and hissed at him. He went away, but ever since then, oh, it’s been f***ing on.”

 Ahgnghk (pronounced Ahg-hong-ik) confirmed that Richardson’s suspicions are true.

 “Seriously, we don’t even need to migrate,” said the goose leader. “We just come here to f***with this guy. I mean, I’ve been eating all of the worst stuff I could find. I ate some house paint, about sixty mulberries, and some crazy sh** from the dumpster at Wendy’s. This guy’s car is toast. What’s his name, Bill? Hey, Bill, I’m coming after you!”

 Chilling words from a migratory waterfowl, truly chilling words.   

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Nation Gripped By Boredom After particularly Uneventful Tuesday

Cleveland, OHThis morning began like many other Wednesday mornings. Across the country, Americans woke up, went to work or school, did what they do every other Wednesday morning.

 The difference? Nothing, nothing at all. Things are exactly the same as they were on Monday. In fact, many experts believe that yesterday may have been the beginning of the most boring period in American history.

 Charles Barker, a ninety-two year old man, who lives just outside Cleveland, has seen many uneventful days in his time.

 “I’ve seen some boring days,” said a nostalgic Barker as his hands moved furiously. “This might be the worst. I started using a loom, oh, about fifty years ago.” Barker weaves on his loom as he speaks, not missing a beat. “Sometimes, on boring days, like today, you need to keep away the boredom. You’ve got to have a hobby, like loom.”

 With the recent economic trouble and political tensions, around the world, experts are suggesting that boredom may reach record highs.

 Sally Walbarton sits on her porch deeply engrossed in a pile of tiny seashells. Walbarton is sixty-five.

 “I like to find the tiniest ones I can,” Walbarton is barely aware that she’s addressing anyone. “I remember picking through shells during the most boring times in this nation’s history, the sixties for example.”

 Nobody seems to know how we will get out of this rut. Experts agree on one thing though; nothing especially out of the ordinary has happened since yesterday morning. 

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Satirist Has Better Things to Do than Entertain You, It’s Election Day

Chicago, IL – It’s finally here, November 4th, Election Day. Today is possibly the most historic Election Day in American history. Voters will either be sending the first black man or the first woman into the White House. Also, if elected, John McCain would be the crustiest old white guy ever elected to the office.

Voter turn out is expected to reach an all time high today as those lazy procrastinators who didn’t already vote cram themselves into long lines to get to their local polling places. Many local law enforcement agencies expect the crowds, irritating lines, and pushy, obnoxious election workers to be the cause of some discontent. Though, near most major cities, the police are trying to hide the fact that they have ramped up their forces in anticipation of, what they call, “bat-shit craziness”.

In downtown Chicago, this evening, the Democratic Presidential Candidate, Barack Obama, will be holding an election night celebration. Not to make this too personal, but I will be there, take that. Sorry, I’m just very excited.

It’s possible, that the other guy, McCrain, will be having some kind of party as well, but that hasn’t been announced. Nor does anyone care. After all, an evening of prunes, Jimmy Buffet, and going to bed early is hardly a party.

It is not the intention of this publication to seem biased in any way, but we have more important things to do today, it’s freakin’ Election Day.

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Monday, November 3, 2008

Early Voter Makes Mockery of Self, Democracy

Louisville, KY – Chuck McHenry, a young voter, might just as well have stayed home this year. Having turned nineteen earlier this year, this was the first general election in which McHenry could vote.

 According to disappointed friends and family, McHenry took the initiative and went to vote early. More than thirty states have authorized early voting in this general election.

 “We expect the voter turnout this year to be huge,” said Mike Connelly, a volunteer at a Louisville area early voting site. “Mostly because of the historic nature of this election.”

 Despite that historic nature, McHenry thought his vote would be put to best use amusing himself.

 “Dave Matthews rocks,” shouted McHenry as he hopped out of his local polling place. “Now if, like, a bunch of other people vote for him, he could be president or something.”

 Allegedly, McHenry indicated popular musician Dave Matthews as write in candidate for President.

 “I don’t think Chuck should be allowed to vote, or listen to music,” stated Sharon McHenry, Chuck’s older sister. “I don’t even think he knows why this election is important.”

 Chuck McHenry defends his selection.

 “I don’t like either of the guys running for president,” argued an indignant McHenry. “They just want the same crap. I think they’re both lying. Now, we have a chance to have somebody like Dave Matthews in there. Dave Matthews.”

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