Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Family Selects Grandma’s House To Host “Morton Mania III”

Eugene, OR – Like many American families, the Mortons intend to spend Thanksgiving together, in the agonizing shackles of each other’s company.  There will be traditions followed, carving of the turkey, wishing on the wishbone, and heavy drinking.

 Hosting of the annual Morton family gathering is a prestigious honor, which passes from home to home each year. This year, on account of the dinner being held at Gladys and Tim’s house last year, is Grandma Morton’s turn.

 “A couple of years back, I noticed that everybody fights on Thanksgiving,” explained 23-year-old Warren Morton. “You know, Grandpa gets drunk and starts telling all of his kids that they ruined his life. Then Dad and his brothers and sisters start yelling about girlfriends they stole and cars they wrecked. And the best part is when Grandma starts screaming, ‘you’re all a bunch of animals! If my mama were alive to see this!’ That’s when I started calling it Morton Mania.”

 The tradition of a battle royale style fight between the Mortons has been going on for decades, but has only recently been named. Warren Morton says he is looking forward to the big headline match, but the openers will be quite entertaining.

 “The night will kick off with Stone Cold Aunt Lily versus The Egg Nog,” said Warren. “Followed by Grandpa versus ‘His Disappointments’, then my favorite, The Iron Dad versus Ragin’ Uncle Bruce.”