Thursday, November 6, 2008

Geese Migrating Just to Sh** on Bill’s Car

Crown Point, IN – Bill Richardson parks his car on the same street every day. His parking space is directly in front of his apartment, which faces a three-acre park. Richardson admits that he’s pretty happy with where he lives and parks his car.

 “I’m pretty happy with where I live and park my car,” said Richardson.

 However, all of that happiness and good fortune go down the drain when the geese begin to migrate. Geese love sh**ing on Bill’s car.

 “When it gets cooler in the fall, they sh** on my car,” said Richardson, wringing his hands and peering out the window to check on his car. “When it gets warmer in the spring, they come and sh** on my car. I’m at my wit’s end here. I tried shooing them away, but they just hiss at me and I think they actually sh** more after that.”

 Richardson’s apartment faces a large park, the only one for a few miles. Twice per year, this park is a pit stop for Canadian geese. They are drawn to the area by its abundant crayfish population and night crawlers, which they feed on.

 Family members have suggested that it is simply the risk of living across the street from a park.

 “It’s only my car,” said an increasingly agitated Richardson. “I don’t get it, what did I do? I’m afraid they’re going to start sh**ing on me personally. And I can’t even figure out what they’re eating. I don’t know, it’s got to be like, house paint, or something.”

 When contacted for comment, the geese were more than happy to speak out.

 “Oh man, he noticed?” Eagerly questioned the flock’s leader, Ahgnghk. “Wow, that’s great. We f***ing hate that guy. We’ve been sh**ing on his car, almost exclusively for three seasons now. He even tried getting a new car, but we’re not dumb, we spotted that crafty bastard. At first I was just like, ‘Hey, check out this douche bag.’ But then, one morning, we were just trying to sleep and he comes running into the field swinging his jacket around and yelling. My flock was scared. So I got up, made my self look all big and hissed at him. He went away, but ever since then, oh, it’s been f***ing on.”

 Ahgnghk (pronounced Ahg-hong-ik) confirmed that Richardson’s suspicions are true.

 “Seriously, we don’t even need to migrate,” said the goose leader. “We just come here to f***with this guy. I mean, I’ve been eating all of the worst stuff I could find. I ate some house paint, about sixty mulberries, and some crazy sh** from the dumpster at Wendy’s. This guy’s car is toast. What’s his name, Bill? Hey, Bill, I’m coming after you!”

 Chilling words from a migratory waterfowl, truly chilling words.