Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sexually Curious Japanese Polar Bear Dresses As Boy To Enter Kushiro Zoo

Tokyo, Japan – Zookeepers in Northern Japan have uncovered a secret about a polar bear that has been living in their zoo for three years, the bear is a female.

 Tsuyoshi, the gender bending bear, was brought in with the express purpose of mating with Kurumi, a resident 11-year-old female polar bear. After placing the two bears together, zookeepers were baffled by the lack of breeding that was taking place.

 “Tsuyoshi was our great hope for impregnating Kurumi,” said Keitaro Mufune, curator of large mammals at the zoo in Hokkaido. “Early on there were mating displays, though they seemed awkward. There was even some tender, timid, sexual contact but no babies have been conceived. Now we know why.”

 Experts have questioned how qualified zoologists could be unaware of the bear’s gender after all of this time.

 “When Tsuyoshi arrived, he (she) had a short haircut,” explained Mufune. “Tsuyoshi was delivered wearing a flannel shirt and fake mustache. He (she) even expressed a healthy interest in the undergarments of school-aged girls (a common interest shared by Japanese men).”

 According to reports, Tsuyoshi (named after a popular Japanese baseball player) seemed bored and listless for several months following her arrival at the zoo. The bear was only comforted by listening to Culture Club albums and repeatedly watching “Boys Don’t Cry”.

 Last week, after becoming concerned with the fruitless mating, zookeepers sedated the bear to give her an examination. Only then did they discover her secret.

 “Tsuyoshi actually had several tube socks concealed under pelt making her seem, at least in appearance, to be a male,” noted Mufune. “This type of thing is not entirely uncommon. Young women regularly dress as boys to attain the respect of peers, gain admission to prestigious schools, and fight in wars. At least that’s what movies, television, and Manga (Japanese comic books) have lead me to believe.”

 The Kushiro Zoo has no intention of getting rid of Tsuyoshi as she has become a popular icon for them.

 “She is part of the family now,” said Mufune. “The visitors love her, and I think she teaches us a powerful lesson. If you want something, all you have to do is dress as the opposite gender and you can get it. Young women everywhere can see that it is easy to fool even the most qualified professional and throw off the shackles of your worthless gender.”