Wednesday, August 6, 2008

White Sox Acquire Lou Gehrig

Chicago, IL – In a truly unprecedented move, the Chicago White Sox acquired the late Lou Gehrig earlier this week. Reportedly, the commissioner of baseball was hesitant to approve the cryptic decision.

Sports analysts across the country have been trying to discern why a team in contention for first place would take on such a typically problematic player.

“We’ve been looking to get some big name players on the team for a while now,” confidently explained Kenny Williams, the team’s general manager. “We are aware that he’s had some health issues in the past. We think these are issue we can overcome. I for one, am just happy to have him on board.”

Critics of the acquisition have argued that Gehrig, though once a very gifted player is past his prime and the White Sox are too late to get consistent good performance from him.

Many fans fear that given his history as an effective first baseman, Gehrig’s presence could threaten the locally beloved Paul Konerko. Gehrig also has an impressive reputation as a slugger; another point which could make Konerko redundant for the White Sox.

Some take issue with the risky decision of acquiring such a big name player so late into the season. Fans and critics agree that no one can make a real judgment until the new acquisition has had an opportunity to play with the team.

The White Sox would also like to welcome the relatively unknown Ken Griffey Jr.