Sunday, July 27, 2008

Area Inventor Disillusioned Upon Discovering Library

Scottsbluff, NE – Bill Quibbly, a 35 year old inventor, had a revolutionary idea, according to reports.

“I love books,” explained Quibbly. “I just got so tired of going to the book store, paying full price for books, reading them once, and never looking at them again. I’m not going to read a book more than once to justify paying full price for it.”

Allegedly, it was this type of thinking that lead Quibbly to, what he considered, his greatest idea.

“I thought if I can rent a movie,” explained Quibbly. “Why can’t I rent a book?”

Reportedly, Quibbly’s idea involved a large building, which was essentially a repository for all manner of books. Customers would go to the building, which Quibbly called a “book dome” or “book fortress”, and rent the books for a nominal fee. To ensure that the books would be returned, customers would be issued membership cards to help track the book.

Quibbly believed that his “book domes” would replace the book store industry almost entirely.

Sources say that one of Quibbly’s friends indicated the remarkable similarity of the idea to the public library concept. Quibbly then visited his first library.

Quibbly could not be reached for comment, but those close to him describe his recent behavior as “mopey”.