Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Insurgents Opposed Troop Surge

Washington, D.C. – Republican presidential hopeful, Senator John McCain, spoke yesterday concerning his long-standing opinion of the Bush administration’s troop surge of 2007.

Support, or opposition of the troop surge has been a huge point of contention between key figures of the U.S. government. Sen. McCain has criticized his opponent in the upcoming presidential race, Democratic Senator Barack Obama, for his opposition of the massive troop surge.

“This was different,” explained Angela Carter, a Monkey-Breath.com political correspondent. “Senator McCain wasn’t going after his political opponents. During his speech, he brought to light the opinions of other groups involved in the war.”

Senator McCain hammered Iraqi insurgents for their vehement opposition to the troop surge.

“When the surge was first proposed,” said McCain. “Insurgents in Iraq made it perfectly clear that they were against it. Even now, after having seen the results, the insurgents still claim that it wasn’t the best course of action.”

McCain continued to say that he and the Republican Party see this political stance as a lack of foresight and a clear indication of an ill-informed opinion.

“If it were up to them (insurgents),” said McCain. “We’d never have been there in the first place; where would they be then? Where would the insurgents have been if we hadn’t sent wave after wave of U.S. forces in there? I think the answer is obvious.”