Monday, July 28, 2008

Family Terrorized By Phantom Limb

Michigan City, IN – Bill Hammacher and his family have lived in the same home for nearly eight years. According to the Hammachers, the past eight years have been without incident.

That is, until eighteen months ago when Bill lost his hand in a work related accident. Since then, the family reports being plagued by the spirit of Bill’s hand.

“Sometimes I feel pain in that hand,” stated Bill. “But I know it’s not there.”

Phantom limb syndrome is common; appearing in 50 to 80 percent of all amputees.

“I’ll catch things out of the corner of my eye,” noted Mary Hammacher, Bill’s wife. “All of these mysterious hand things keep happening. Things will get typed, buttons will get pressed, my rings will be scattered around the room; but nobody has been in there. This phantom limb is a nuisance. If you had told me before that there were such things, I’d tell you I didn’t believe in ghosts.”

Allegedly, within the Hammacher’s home, gloves are worn and strewn about the house, wristwatches have been found all over the floors. Even the Hammacher’s two children report having dealt with the mischievous phantom.

“Sometimes, when we’re watching TV, the channel will just change,” stated Rachel, the Hammacher’s twelve year old daughter. “I think it’s daddy’s hand because, you know, a hand can work a remote.”