Monday, July 14, 2008

Experts Find Correlation Between Loosened Ties and Stress

London, England – A recent study conducted at University College London has shown a strong connection between reportedly high stress levels and loosened neckties.

The study involved 5,000 necktie-wearing professionals over a course of two years. Results suggest that the percentage of time wearing a loosened tie is directly proportional to the reported stress level of the subject.

“It’s truly groundbreaking evidence,” noted Louis Betteman, an epidemiologist. “This could be the first step toward the very promising study of necktie related research.”

Of the five thousand subjects monitored, only a small percentage maintained full tie tightness throughout the entire workday. According to reports, the subjects who loosened their ties at least twice per week were 60% more likely to feel stressed out.

Researchers admit that other factors could have a significant impact on their findings. Ill-fitting neckties and collars, poorly ventilated offices, and dressed-down work environments could all have affected the study.

“What we’re trying to determine now,” explained Betteman. “Is whether or not the looseness of the tie causes the stress or if it is simply coincidental.”