Saturday, July 26, 2008

Poorly Planned Charity Run Leads to Chaos

Des Moines, IA – The first annual “10k for the blind” seemed like a typical charity run. Spectators gathered in the streets of downtown Des Moines yesterday as participants began to line up.

“It was going great,” explained John Parker, a spectator. “But once they fired the starter pistol, it got a little too real. The runners went in all directions. They were plowing into each other, falling down, groping through the crowd; it was awful.”

According to the event organizers, this was completely unexpected.

“The route of the race was not a difficult one,” stated Maggie Schlemmer, a representative from, A Sight For Sore Eyes, the non-profit organization which established the “10k for the blind”. “Participants were to run in a straight line for nearly half the race, then they would turn once. It’s an easy path to follow even for the blind people we had running the race.”

Many were shocked to discover that the event was not intended to benefit the blind, but rather was a run for the blind.

“We just assumed they would hold onto each other or something,” noted Schlemmer.

Several dozen people were injured during the four minute event. There were no fatalities and all of the injured people are in stable condition, according to reports. A spokesperson for the local hospital had this to say;

“It looks like everyone will be alright, although, several of the injured may never regain their eyesight.”