Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Pristine National Park to Receive “Super-Fun” National Playground

Wyoming – America’s oldest National park, Yellowstone, is going to receive what the parks service calls a “super-fun” playground.

“We thought it was only fitting the grandest natural beauty in the continental U.S.” explained ranger Marcus Brooks. “We call it Geothermic Park and we think the kids are really going to love it.”

The playground will allegedly take full advantage of Yellowstone’s natural beauty. The goal for Park officials is to finally add something fun to “the most expensive snore-fest that the government pays for.”

The location of the playground offers children the opportunity to interact with the park’s friendliest residents; grizzly bears. Excited children will also be able to periodically take a once in a lifetime ride on the scalding waters of “Old Faithful”; Wyoming’s most magnificent geyser.

The first child to ride the superheated geothermic waters, Billy Prattle, was too engaged to comment at length, but he was quoted as saying, “Ahhhh, agrgahrg, Nooooooo!, Mommmmmy!! Ahahhaghag!”