Monday, May 12, 2008

Bush to GOP: I Love McCain Thiiis Much

Washington, D.C. – President Bush and Republican presidential candidate John McCain shared a heartwarming hug at a meeting of key members of the Republican Party late last week. Critics and confused onlookers have questioned the motivation behind the long, awkward embrace.

“The little guy was all tuckered out,” explained President Bush. “He’s been doing a lot of campaigning and he just got all sleepy eyed and cranky. You know, he reminds me of those little folks from ‘The Wizard of Oz”.

President Bush went on to say that a short time later he carried Senator McCain off to bed, tucked him in and told him a story about baseball. The President showed a distinct emotional warmth and endearment for the presidential hopeful.

The explanation given by McCain’s public relations representative was different.

“Despite what some reports have said, the Senator was not just ‘sleepy,” stated the representative. “The truth is that Republicans have a special genetic adaptation. Senator McCain’s skin is a semi-permeable membrane, through which policies, opinions and genetic material can pass; the same is true of President Bush. The embrace was a sort of ‘passing of the torch.”

In response to the cold and unemotional statement given by McCain’s PR representative, President Bush made the following comments.

“I don’t know what all of that stuff means, all I know is that he’s a little cutie-patootie.”

Special thanks to "downtown" Diaz de Leon for submitting the image and contributing story concepts.