Friday, May 30, 2008

Routine Flight Lands Safely

Dallas, TX – Emergency crews were overwhelmed Thursday morning when flight 5460 struck the runway at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport.

“It hit the runway and bounced a little,” stated Bill Hawkins, an emergency worker employed at the airport. “Other than that it was a safe landing.”

Reports say the flight took off from LAX with no difficulty. Allegedly, a favorable tailwind brought the flight in ten minutes ahead of schedule.

“We’re just so relieved that everything was okay,” said Hawkins. “I’m sure it was a harrowing experience for everyone involved.”

Federal Aviation Administration statistics show a disturbing trend; this is hardly an isolated incident. According to the FAA, flight 5460 was just one of hundreds of standard, “by-the-numbers” flights taking off and landing everyday, without complications.