Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bush, Obama, McCain Form Vocal Group

Washington, D.C. – President Bush has teamed up with Senators/Presidential hopefuls Barack Obama and John McCain after discovering that the trio creates an “amazing harmony”.

The Trio, pictured here warming up, intends to practice weekly and hopes to go on tour next year regardless of the outcome of the November election. The members of the group, reportedly, can put their differences aside for the sake of the music.

The only major obstacle they have encountered is a dispute in choosing a name for their group.

“My suggestion is ‘A cappellago,” explained Senator Obama. “It’s a clever play on the words ‘a cappella’ and ‘archipelago’; the former being an unaccompanied vocal style of music, and the later being a chain of islands. I think it works because each of us is independently an island of political views and opinions, and this group brings us together; also, because we sing without instrumental accompaniment.”

“I say we should call the group ‘2012,” suggested Senator McCain. “2012 being the end of my first term as President, the year that Senator Obama will have an opportunity to run against me again, and the last full year of the war in Iraq; the end of President Bush’s legacy.”

“We should call it ‘Baseball’ or something else cool like that,” asserted President Bush. “Maybe, ‘The Best Damn Quartet, Ever!’ would be a good name.”

Both Senator McCain and Senator Obama noted that their group is in fact, not a quartet, in response to the President’s suggestions.

The trio expects to be in the studio recording their first album by December 2008; with a tentative release set for next summer.