Thursday, May 8, 2008

Funky Town Tour Guides Go On Strike

Funky Town, U.S.A. – Won’t you take us to Funky Town? No, they won’t; at least that’s what union officials are saying.

A popular American tourist attraction since the 1970s, Funky Town has been a boon for the few locals who have an intimate knowledge of the area. A number of factors, primarily topographical, make the area inaccessible to tourists without a guide. The current labor dispute threatens to shut down all tourism to Funky Town.

Last year the tour guides joined Tour Guides Local 245 and immediately began to negotiate a new contract. The management staff of “We want the Funk”, the largest Funky Town tour company, has cited declining interest in the tourist attraction as the main factor in controlling wages and benefit packages.

The tour guides have called this angle a “cop-out” arguing that they have a rare skill and demand appropriate compensation.

The Funky Town Board of Tourism has expressed fears that a season without tourism may cause the tourist attraction to close permanently. They have urged all parties involved to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.


DigitalSlump said...

Funny about Funky Town. My co-worker said something about funky town and I had to google it. I stumbled on your article. I really didn't. Thanks for the article :)

Monkey Breath said...

No need to thank us, we're just news people. But we're glad you enjoyed it.

Jimbo Big Toe said...

This is awfully reminiscent of the South Park episode when Canada went on strike.