Saturday, May 31, 2008

Stock Footage of Clucking Chickens Mistaken for "Sex and the City" Movie

Albany, NY - "It wasn't that bad," proclaimed Sally Brockton, a long time fan of the television series, after watching two hours and twenty minutes of livestock footage.

Brockton, along with seventy-five other movie-goers, purchased ticktes to attend a screening of the immensely popular film, "Sex and the City".

According to reports, a mix up occured when Lou Stiles, the theater's projectionist spooled the wrong film onto the projector reel. He allegedly use film left over from a recent stock footage film festival held at the theater.

"I didn't notice for over an hour," explained Stiles. "When I realized, I was about to change it, but I guess nobody else noticed either."

Will Stanton, Brockton's boyfriend, remained entirely unaware of the mistake throughout the movie,

"It was better than that god awful show Sally made me watch," claimed Stanton. "I was a little suspicious when the movie was almost over and I hadn't heard the words 'orgasm' or 'shoes', but I just thought they got better writers."

As a result of the positive reception, film makers are reportedly considering replacing the entire cast for the sequel, noting that chickens would be cheaper and easier to work with.


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