Thursday, May 29, 2008

Editor Wishes He’d Shelled Out More Money For Courtroom Artist

Chicago, IL – The Editor –in-Chief for local news blog,, regrets “cheaping out” on courtroom sketch artist.

“We have a very tight budget,” explained Henry Q. Jackass, Monkey Breath’s EIC. “I thought we could save a little cash on this freelance sketch artist.”

The news source reported needing a liaison in the courtroom for Chicago’s high profile child pornography trial of R&B artist R. Kelly. Allegedly, the Editor knew he had to jump on the opportunity to cover the trial.

“This trial is something that could really put us on the map,” noted Jackass. “I had hoped to get some good sketches and really wow the public.

Alan Parkin was hired at a considerably below average rate because of his lack of experience or portfolio. The artist returned from the trial with sub-par sketches.

“I went to art school,” stated Parkin. “I don’t know what Mr. Jackass is complaining about; I gave him an insightful, emotionally provocative artistic interpretation. It’s really some of my best work.”

Jackass did not agree with Parkin’s assessment.

“These sketches are horrible, but I guess you get what you pay for,” complained the EIC.

“I was making a statement about the victimization of a minor; which is the conflict at the heart of this case,” Parkin said, in his defense. “And, as far as my choice of media, crayons are the only materials I can afford.”