Thursday, May 1, 2008

Katz Can Has Publik Education

Washington, D.C.- The Federal government has passed a bill making attendance at accredited schools mandatory for the nation’s grossly under-educated cats.

The legislation is in response to evidence that cats, nationwide, demonstrate terrible grammar and spelling skills. Law makers cited websites such as as basis for their concern over feline education.

Leader of the LOLcats committee, Daniel Berman, explained to congress the dire situation of the “LOLcats” phenomenon.

“The matter has gone on so long without being acknowledged; it seems as if many people actually think this is a joke,” explained Berman. “People post images of their cats all over the internet. These images are often accompanied by captions illustrating how clearly ignorant the cats are.”

Many lawmakers believe that the problem has gone on too long. Suggestions were made that lack of education is the most prominent factor in the rising feline violent crime rate.

“Citizens of this nation, cat owners, are engaging in blatantly negligent behavior.” Berman continued, “We don’t need to regulate guns; we need to get these cats in school and off the streets.”