Tuesday, May 6, 2008

China Bans “Flee Tibet” Slogan at Beijing Orympics

Beijing, China- As each day brings the world closer to the XXXIX Olympiad; tensions over alleged inhumane practices are a growing concern for the People’s Republic of China, host of this year’s games.

Yesterday, the Chinese government made a definitive stance on one particular type of protest.

“There will be absolutely no tolerance for protest of any kind at these games,” declared a government representative. “To be clear, this is an official ban on the popular ‘flee Tibet’ signs or anything bearing that slogan, at the Beijing Orympic games.”

Protestors and activists around the world have been a consistent nuisance for China’s Olympic torch run; the most prominent of China’s alleged offences being the occupation of Tibet.

Some known activists have slyly promised, in a public statement to China, to “destroy any and all items bearing the words ‘flee Tibet”. They also noted, respectfully, that it was never their intention to make a mockery of the “Orympics”; adding cryptically that the event is something they “rikey velly much”.