Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kelly, Isley To Perform Duet Testimony

Chicago, IL – As the child pornography trial of Grammy award winning R&B recording artist R. Kelly continues to capture the attention of the news media, the defense has made an announcement which it hopes will spin the proceedings in Kelly’s favor.

According to the announcement, the defense has been preparing Kelly’s testimony for several months now. Kelly has reportedly recorded a musical score to accompany his testimony and arranged his statements as lyrics.

Allegedly, the defense has arranged a temporary release for Grammy award winning artist Ronald Isley, from his current tax evasion sentence, in order to reprise his “Mr. Biggs” role. Kelly’s attorneys have explained that in order to maintain artistic integrity and thoroughly illustrate his (Kelly’s) plea, a duet with Isley is necessary.

Isley and Kelly have had very successful collaborations in the past, and the defense is hoping that a duet testimony will sway the jury in Kelly’s favor as well as help support Isley’s attempt at early parole.

Prosecutors in the Kelly trial has called the effort “pure sensationalism”; proclaiming that the jury will not be swayed by the shameless diversion. Regardless of that assertion, the prosecution has asked the court to deny Kelly the opportunity to sing under oath.

The presiding judge in the trial has decided to allow Kelly and Isley to perform their song, noting that it would be a nice change of pace in an otherwise boring trial.