Monday, June 30, 2008

New Robot Mechanism Allows Players to Control Wii Games without Moving

Redmond, WA – Nintendo’s revolutionary Wii system is still sold out in many stores across the country, nearly two years after its immensely successful launch. What is so unique about the console is its motion sensing control system and focus on physical interactivity.

These properties have broadened the appeal of the Wii, introducing many non-gamers to the world of video games. Nintendo’s new console has also seen widespread application in nursing facilities, physical therapy, and injury rehabilitation.

Despite the positive reception, many gamers were concerned. The question that seemed be on everybody’s was, “What about the lazy gamers?”

Nintendo has responded to the needs of lazy, inactive consumers with a new system peripheral device; the Robotic Analogous Person Emulator.

Nintendo has playfully dubbed the unit, WiiFat. The innovative peripheral allows players to interact with the Wii without having to move at all. WiiFat comes with a traditional video game controller which is used to control the movements of the robot, which uses the Wii controls to manipulate software.

“It’s great, it really makes you feel like you’re playing a regular video game,” noted one excited fan. “There’s a slight delay in response, but it’s worth it to not have to get up and do things.”