Monday, September 22, 2008

Area Man Can’t Decide Which Is His Favorite Album

New Buffalo, MI – Matt Henderson and his wife, Michelle, decided that this weekend was the perfect time to sort and reduce the size of their massive collection of music.

“The plan was to rip the CDs onto a hard drive,” explained Michelle. “We were going to keep some of them, the ones we really like, but get rid of the rest.”

After Michelle had sorted the collection into three groups, Matt’s music, Michelle’s music, and CDs they bought together, she gave the box reserved for his music to Matt.

Allegedly, that’s when the trouble began.

“I started making a pile of CDs that I wanted to keep and I pile I wanted to throw away,” said Matt. “But after a while I realized the throw away pile was empty.”

Michelle reportedly found this unacceptable as she had already gotten rid of several dozen of her CDs and was in the process of further elimination. Matt insisted that each of his albums had merit that qualified them as keepers.

“I can’t pick a single favorite album,” stated Matt. “Or even a small collection of them. For the sake of posterity, I’ve decided to keep the best of each genre. But that’s really hard to do. I have ‘Countdown to Extinction’ up against ‘Master of Puppets’, how do you decide between them? Don’t even get me started on ‘Vulgar Display of Power’, that album is a genre unto itself. Michelle wants me to pick my favorite punk CD, but she doesn’t understand that ‘Smash’ and ‘Dookie’ can’t be lumped in with ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll High School’ and ‘Earth A.D.”

Late reports have suggested that Matt has made progress, having reduced his portion of the CD collection by nearly 4%. In spite of this, the situation has worsened since Matt remembered that he still has a duffle bag full of cassettes.