Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Local Children Invent New Witch Identification System

Salem, MA – Witches have always been a crafty lot, difficult to identify, hiding in plain sight, but according to some families in Salem, that’s all over. Three small prodigies have invented a state of the art system for identifying witches.

 “At first,” said the local blacksmith. “I didn’t know if it was going to work, but those kids proved me wrong. Turns out, my wife was a witch all along. I knew there was something off about her.”

 Most of the residents of this sleepy town watch in hushed awe of the highly advanced system. Nobody seems to understand how it works, but the townspeople have put the responsibilities of witch identification solely on these three children and their fantastic system.

 “Those young ones have already identified more witches this month than we had in a whole year,” explained Father Mortimer, the local religious leader. “We’re way ahead of our quotas.”

 When asked if he understood how the system works, Father Mortimer replied;

 “That sounds like an awfully witchy question.”