Thursday, September 4, 2008

That Broad Said a Mouthful

Editorials by Joe Sixpack – Last night, I turned on my TV and saw some broad and a bunch of jerks in cowboy hats. I realized that it was Sarah Palin, giving her acceptance speech for the Republican Vice Presidential nomination.

I didn’t change the channel because, I, like many Americans, understand that this is a historic moment; also she’s not too bad looking.

 As far as the content of her speech, she said a bunch of stuff about John McCain, mostly talking about how he was a prisoner of war. I don’t see how that makes him a good candidate; it means that he got captured. I, for one, don’t want our president getting captured.

 Beside that, she talked a lot about her family. She mentioned her Eskimo husband, her mysteriously bald son, and her other kids. The cameras were trained on her youngest daughter who seemed intent on tasting the baby.

 Palin attacked the Democratic candidate and assured the Republican voters that their trust funds and bloated corporate payrolls won’t be taxed.

 Overall, I wasn’t impressed. She was dry and unemotional and chose to sink low enough to make irrelevant attacks on her opponent. But, if we don’t vote for her, we have to vote for the black guy.