Wednesday, September 3, 2008

RNC Tests “Big Brother” Beta

St. Paul, MN – Typical RNC activities are starting to resume after a short deferment in preparation for hurricane Gustav.

While Republicans waited to get the ball rolling, the party was responsible for keeping the interest of thousands of voters without any scheduled speakers.

“It was the perfect opportunity to test a new system that we’ve been working on,” said Republican Senator Bill Tycoon. “It’s called ‘Big Brother’ and it’s basically a giant interactive way of monitoring and controlling everyone’s lives.”

According to sources, the Republican Party has been working toward getting the system functional for at least seven years.

“Big Brother is a complicated system,” explained Tycoon. “And it’s still in its beta form. We thought it would be fitting if President Bush were the face of Big Brother.”

Allegedly, the hardest part was getting the President to read the script.

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