Tuesday, September 2, 2008

McCain Running Mate Governor of Imaginary State

St. Paul, MN – This weekend voters around the country were clamoring to find information about the little known Sarah Palin.

McCain announced Vice Presidential running mate on Friday. The nominee, Sarah Palin, claims to be governor of a state called Alarska. Opponents have questioned where this “state” is, or if it even exists.

“I’ve never heard of Alasha,” said Christopher Alexander (D-Indiana). “You’d think that the Republican Party would have enough sense to not try to dupe Americans by making up a fake state.”

According to sources, “Alooska” isn’t even a recognized word, let alone the name of a state.

“Whatever she was governor of,” continued Alexander. “Or whether or not she was good at it is irrelevant. It’s hard to look at her political record if she’s lying to us from Jump Street.”

The Republican Party has been trying to dissolve these potentially damaging sentiments with a poorly received campaign. The campaign suggests that Alafka is, in fact, a state; having been granted statehood in 1959.

No on ehas been able to find any evidence to substantiate this claim.