Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yesterday Technically Qualified As Good Day

AK Use Down 100%

Los Angeles, CA – Local authorities have announced that yesterday, regardless of subjective interpretation, qualified as a good day.

“A number of factors must be considered when making this kind of determination,” said the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area Secretary of Quantitative Day Assessment, Curtis Bryson. “It’s been a long time since all of the required elements occurred in conjunction with each other.”

Bryson listed the initial factors that caught the attention of his colleagues.

“First, the day felt kind of odd,” explained Bryson. “I got at least five emails about that. The morning saw significantly reduced levels of smog, dog barking, and breakfast comprised primarily of pork products.”

According to reports, car-jackers were virtually nonexistent and there were no notable incidents with police or cowards. Among the activities enjoyed yesterday were basketball, craps, and the classic MTV program, “Yo! MTV Raps”.

“Toward the end of the day, the Goodyear blimp was sighted,” recalled Bryson. “That’s always a good sign. Things really went well yesterday. There were countless other factors, but statistically speaking, it was a good day.”


Martin Miller-Yianni said...

Let's hope the next day is good as well...

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