Friday, March 21, 2008

1990s Metal Band Sues White House For Defamation

Washington, D.C.- A suit was filed yesterday by Elliot Dean, former front man of Weapons of Mass Destruction, a popular heavy metal band in the 1990s. The lawsuit alleges that comments made by the White House staff and several elected officials were directly responsible for the band’s decline in popularity.

The band, referred to by their fans as W.M.D., released their debut album, “Hidden in the Desert” in1994 to critical acclaim. W.M.D. then released a follow up recording in 1999 entitled “You’ll never find us” which brought them to a new level of success in the heavy metal world. This trend of significant releases continued until 2003.

“We were in the studio working on “Why don’t you come and find us?” (the band’s third album) explained Dean. “On the T.V. there was this news story and they were talking about weapons of mass destruction, we were all like, ‘Bitchin’. But they weren’t talking about us; they were talking about some crap in Iraq.”

The subsequent two years held intense, but disdainful interest in W.M.D. from the White House. During this time the federal government focused massive efforts on finding and exposing weapons of mass destruction. It was the primary device for moving U.S. troops into Iraq.

“My client believes that many of the public statements made by the federal government and their representatives could be reasonably construed as slander.” stated Dean’s attorney.

This is a landmark suit. The last time this type of lawsuit was filed against the U.S. government was the civil suit in 1983 filed by the, then successful, stand-up comedian, “The Ayatollah”.