Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pile Of Rubble Dedicated As “Day Late, Dollar Short” Monument/Historic Landmark

Salem, IL- The Mayor sheepishly smiled for the cameras Tuesday morning as he cut the ribbon on the city’s newest historic landmark; the recently demolished Carter Mansion. Registration as a historic landmark entitles the structure to protection from modification or destruction.

The battle to “save Carter Mansion” has been going on since April 2004, when plans were made to use the site as part of a golf course. The complicated and lengthy process of landmark registration has taken the case through local, county and state courts; ending only after the decision was made to save the building at 9:15 on Monday morning, fifteen minutes after crews destroyed it.

As a result of the building’s untimely demolition, its status has been amended as a reminder to future generations. The site is now the “Day late, Dollar Short” Monument/Historic Landmark.
A sign displaying information about the site reads; “This town’s collective effort will preserve this house, now and forever.”