Sunday, March 30, 2008

Local Solitaire Club Full Of Lonely, Lonely People

Joshua Tree, CA- George Newman feels defeated and crushed, but he doesn’t have anyone with whom to discuss it. He is the founder and president of Tableau Taboo, a social club for Solitaire players.

George recently explained his plight. “Solitaire is an exciting, but lonely game. So I decided to start a club. The problem is that when we meet, we just sit alone playing cards; nobody ever talks.”

Newman went on to explain that every holiday season the club’s numbers diminish as a result of the rampant suicide associated with such terribly lonely people.

“Sometimes people come to meetings and I don’t even know who they are,” claimed Newman. “Communication is so difficult that once, a meeting had been over for three hours before I noticed that someone was still sitting in the corner playing cards.”

Other members of the club report crippling loneliness as well. All they want is someone to talk to.