Friday, March 28, 2008

Parade Held For Brave Little Boy Never Trapped In Well

Lexington, KY- Thousands are expected to attend a parade this Sunday for Trevor Singer, an seven year old boy who never fell down a well.

The Well Wisher Foundation, the not-for-profit organization which organized the parade, felt that little Trevor was more than deserving of the recognition.

“It’s about time that we recognize the smart children who watch where they are going and avoid falling down gaping, bottomless holes.” Amy Dante, a representative of Well Wisher, had nothing but praise for Singer. “Apparently, it is a challenge for today’s youth to stay out of dangerous pits.”

Kyle Singer, Trevor’s father, is proud but modest. He is respected in the community as a man who has spent his entire life not falling down holes.

“I’ve made it a point to raise Trevor with the same values I was taught growing up,” humbly stated Mr. Singer. “My grandpa use to tell me a little poem, he’d say; ‘Watch where you’re going, don’t fall in a well, you’ll get trapped and no one will be around to hear you scream.’ It is that same kind of loving guidance I’ve tried to give Trevor.”

Amid the celebrity, the brave little Trevor seems unshaken. His only public comment was frank and sincere.

“I don’t like being trapped, so I don’t play in wells.”

The Lexington community is eager to make this the first of many public events intended to commend cautious children. Proposals being considered include, parades for children who don’t eat dog food, ceremonies that focus on youths who don’t play with explosives and an annual citywide “Don’t put that up your nose” festival.