Thursday, March 13, 2008

U.S. Constitution To Be Replaced By Open Source Constitution BETA

“A government for, of, and BY the people”, the mantra, and ongoing quest of the United States democracy may come to fruition in the near future. At least that’s what law makers are hoping to accomplish with a new nationwide effort.
“It’s a very exciting concept,” said a Congressional Representative “citizens will actually have the capability to design and code their own constitution.” The proposed initiative has been in the works for nearly two years and members of the Federal government are optimistic.
The current version of the Constitution software has reached the final Alpha stages and will soon be ready for distribution to the public, available as a freeware application. Registered voters will then be able to modify, hack, and code the entire Federal government as they individually see fit. Citizens would then send their modified Constitution to the Capitol where it would be compiled into the official doctrine of the United States Government.
“This takes a lot of the burden off of us,” an anonymous Supreme Court Justice told us “We’re just real tired of doing stuff, it’s not like we asked for all of this responsibility. If people want to change the Constitution, let them, it’s none of our business.”
There have been concerns about the plan including fears of malicious code making its way into the Constitution and the risk of unscrupulous individuals manipulating the law in their favor. The response to these fears, from a confident Federal government, has been a quiet sentiment of trust in an honest and well informed American public.