Monday, October 6, 2008

Dodger Stadium Razed in Search of Cursed Artifact

Los Angeles, CA – As the Chicago Cubs final game of 2008 ended on Saturday, members of the team were visibly distraught. It seemed to many fans that the Cubs were finally due for a dream season, and maybe a long awaited trip to the World Series.

Hopes for the baseball championship were dashed this weekend in a 3-1 loss against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Immediately after the game ended, Cubs manager Lou Piniella could be heard shouting, “tear it up!” Happy Dodgers fans filed out of the stadium, many noticing what seemed to be a wrecking crew entering.

Reportedly, Piniella had hired a team of laborers to destroy Dodger Stadium, in the event that the Cubs lost.

“I’m not gonna be like those other ‘do nothing’ managers,” said Piniella. “If there is something cursing this team, I’m gonna find it.”

Reports suggest that nothing was found.

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