Wednesday, October 15, 2008

10 T.V. Shows That Didn’t Make it To Air This Season

Title: Jim Nabors’ Smelly House
Plot: Twenty-five attractive yet socially diverse people have to battle it out inside a smelly house. The show is hosted by its creator, Jim Nabors.
Tagline: “Shazam, that’s a smelly house!”
Why it didn’t make it: Scheduling conflicts between Mr. Nabors and the network.

Title: Theme Song
Plot: The show consists entirely of the show’s theme music. It runs for twenty-two minutes with three commercial breaks.
Why it didn’t make it: Didn’t test well with the hearing impaired.

Title: Remember Happy Days?
Plot: Classic episodes of the iconic sitcom are performed live by the original actors.
Tagline: “If you thought it was popular when it was culturally relevant…”
Why it didn’t make it: The one-two ginger punch of Ron Howard and Donnie Most was too much for the public to tolerate a second time.

Title: Super Happy Fun Show
Plot: A prime-time drama imported directly from Japan. The show follows a family who is somehow shamed and their entertaining quest filled with sexual tension and misunderstandings.
Why it didn’t make it: American audiences felt the plot was too difficult to understand, also the language.

Title: Typical Cop Drama
Plot: He was a cop who lost everything. Now, the only thing that stands between him and revenge is his partner.
Tagline: “He was a cop.”
Why it didn’t make it: It was already airing on several other networks.

Title: NBC’s Neurosis
Plot: NBC alums Jerry Seinfeld, Courtney Cox, Bebe Neuwirth, and Tina Fey sit around a table together and obsess over their individual neurosis.
Tagline: “You know what kills me?”
Why it didn’t make it: Despite talented stars Tina Fey and Bebe Neuwirth, the show was determined to be too similar to Seinfeld.

Title: Hogan’s Heroes Redux
Plot: Oliver Stone makes his television debut with a re-imagined Hogan’s Heroes. His plan is to show the viewing public what it was really like.
Why it didn’t make it: Nobody wants to see what it was really like.

Title: While You Were Sleeping
Plot: Viewers write in for a chance to surprise their friends by doing something while they are asleep. The pilot episode included washing the car, cooking a meal, and a few pranks.
Why it didn’t make it: Too many of the activities taking place legally qualified as sodomy or criminal sexual assault.

Title: The Scary Report
Plot: Around the clock coverage of world events delivered in the most nerve-racking way possible. Designed to cripple the audience with paranoid fear.
Tagline: “You don’t fear half as much as you should.”
Why it didn’t make it: Fox News Channel sued for copyright infringement.

Title: Leprosy Island
Plot: One dozen of the toughest contestants are dropped on an island and infected with leprosy. The survivor wins one million dollars.
Tagline: “Watch our contestants fall to pieces.”
Why it didn’t make it: The winner has to stay on the island.