Friday, October 3, 2008


Sarah Palin Was Hitting On Me Last Night

By Colleen Morgan

As many other American voters did last night, I chose to take a break from my evening hedonism in favor of watching the Vice Presidential debate. I was impressed with both candidates. Senator Biden and Governor Palin stayed on steady ground and said nothing to jeopardize their respective tickets.

But, did anyone else notice Sarah Palin acting a bit strange? I sincerely believe that she was coming on to me. My husband disagrees, saying that I’m being narcissistic. I think he’s wrong. She kept winking at me and staring directly into my eyes, as if peering into my soul.

Now, I don’t intend to derail her campaign with allegations of secret lesbianism, but if the offer still stands, I am a bit curious.

Sarah Palin Was Not Hitting On You

By Steve Morgan

Okay, let’s get something straight here, Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin, Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin, doesn’t even know you exist. She wasn’t winking at you; she was winking to the general public. And as far as, “peering into your soul”, she was looking directly into the camera lens. It’s a creepy weird thing to do, unless you’re a politician. Next time someone takes a picture of you, look into the lens of the camera, and then check out how disconcerting it is when you see the picture.

I assure you, her attempts at charm were not aimed solely at you. She was no more coming on to you than she was any other person watching the debate.

Wait, “curious”? Really?

Governor Palin, if the offer still stands, I strongly encourage it.