Friday, June 20, 2008

American’s Resolve to Combat Gasoline Prices with Prudent Complaining

Cincinnati, OH – As the price of gasoline continues to set records almost daily, American citizens find themselves forced to take action.

Suggestions have been made to reduce gasoline consumption by driving less or buy more fuel efficient cars. Customers at a Cincinnati area gas station have a better idea. They have chosen simply to complain.

“This is ridiculous,” stated Marie Bauer, while filling the gas tank of her 2002 Cadillac Escalade. “Some of those ‘do-nothing’ politicians need to get off of their asses and start passing some laws or something.”

Mike Cooper, who fueled up his Hummer at a rate of $4.35 per gallon, was furious.

“I have never seen such high gas prices in my life,” said Cooper. “I’m considering telling all of my friends and co-workers how angry I am about it.”

Only time will tell if complaining, without taking action, will have any effect…on anything.