Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pfleger Tries Out New “Going Crazy” Program

Chicago, IL – “It didn’t turn out as well as we had hoped,” explained a representative from the Chicago Archdiocese. “All in all, we don’t think it was a total loss. It’s gotten more press for the Church and you know, ‘no press is bad press.”

Last week, controversial Chicago Priest, Father Michael Pfleger participated in a trial run of the Catholic Church’s “Going Crazy” Program; a system they intend to implement across the board by 2010. Pfleger used the technique that the Church is calling, “Freakin’ ape-shit”.

Pfleger used the opportunity to criticize Democratic Presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton, mocking her emotional outburst prior to the New Hampshire primary.

“Father Pfleger was definitely the man for the job,” stated a comment from the Archdiocese. “If the pilot programs continue to perform this well, you can expect priests worldwide to be going out of their rabbit-ass minds within the year.”

The program was created in response to concerns that people just don't get crazy enough about religion anymore. The Church is hoping to revive the fanaticism which has always served it so well.