Thursday, June 19, 2008

Little Girl Mauled by Pit Crew

Joliet, IL – “People need to keep track of their pit crews,” stated Alison Petrico, the mother of an eight year old girl who was the victim of a brutal attack. “These are dangerous things and should not be allowed to roam around.”

Jill Petrico says she was riding her bicycle less than a block from the family’s home. Reportedly, Jill turned the corner and found her self face-to-face with a twelve-hundred pound pit crew.

“It was too close,” explained Jill. “I couldn’t go around it, I couldn’t turn around. Before I could do anything it was attacking me.”

Jill’s parents were initially curious as to where the unleashed pit crew might have come from. Local authorities have said that the pit crew likely escaped from the local raceway.

“This type of aggressive behavior is common among pit crews,” explained police Sergeant Al Miller. “They’re bred for it, and they’re not smart enough to know better. People really shouldn’t even own them.”

Local police plan on euthanizing the crew. The crew’s original owner has come forward to claim it. The previous owner says that police actions are understandable.