Thursday, June 12, 2008

Local Man Receives Super Powers in Freak Accident

Toledo, OH – Experts are calling it miraculous, one physician noted that, “it’s like something out of a science fiction story”.

Troy Dyer, a mild-mannered, twenty three year old college student was returning, from work, to his off campus apartment when he found himself in an unlikely situation.

Reportedly, as Dyer walked along the road, a truck full of dangerous chemical sped toward him. A violent thunderstorm was also quickly developing.

Amazingly, lightening struck the chemical truck, which was about to hit Dyer, causing an unpredictable reaction. The student was showered in corrosive chemicals, thrown several meters from the area, and knocked unconscious.

Emergency crews brought Dyer to the local emergency room, admitting that he would probably not survive. Dr. Charles Parker, one of the hospital’s residents, observed something very different.

“Everybody thought he was a goner, even me,” explained Dr. Parker. “I was stunned to discover that the accident had given him superhuman abilities.”

According to Parker, Dyer’s new abilities include lying perfectly still, eating from a tube, and telepathically communicating through rhythmic beeping.