Sunday, June 8, 2008

Gravity of Comment Disrupts Conversational Orbit

Lock Haven, PA – “Everything was going just fine,” claimed one witness. “Then everything got crazy.”

Witnesses described an incident which occurred on Saturday night. A conversation was thrown totally off course when a statement was made containing a comment of immense gravity.

“The conversation had excellent gravitational stability and a predictable, well established topical orbit,” explained Janet Markley, a witness. “Then this guy came up and just jumped right in. That was the end of that.”

According to reports, the event occurred at one of Bill Phillips’ popular Saturday evening parties. Phillips was unaware of the incident.

Allegedly, the massive comment sent the conversation careening out of its natural orbit into an ultimately inescapable tangent.

“I just hope that we can use this event to further study and understand these types of phenomenon,” stated Markley.