Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Imus Criticized for Saying “Black”

New York, NY – Radio personality Don Imus is once again, the subject of controversy. This most recent media frenzy surrounds accusations of Imus using the inappropriate language and making offensive statements on the air.

“His arrogance is appalling,” explained Jim Arnet, an offended listener. “He still says this sort of thing even after that last debacle.”

The incident took place Monday morning. A co-host on Imus’ morning show asked him about his car.

“It’s a black sedan,” replied Imus. “Oh crap, I mean, dark. It’s a dark sedan. Just dark, I wasn’t trying to imply anything. Son of a B—.”

Many people are offended and are calling for Imus to be fired, once again, over the inappropriate remarks.

In his defense, Imus had a short comment.

“I was just talking about my car. It’s just like you people to be so sensitive about everything.”