Saturday, June 21, 2008

Family Plagued by World’s Craftiest Fly

Mount Horeb, WI – Hot summer days and warm summer evenings call for open windows and lots of movement between indoors and outdoors. Often, this provides ample opportunity for flies and other pests to enter our homes.

The Robertsons, a family of four, is no exception to this threat. On Friday, a fly got into their home and they got more than they bargained for.

“I swear,” explained Shawn Robertson, the father of two. “This was the smartest fly in the world.”

The family reports enlisting the help of Shawn, his two children, the family dog and their two cats; all with the intention of catching the pest.

“I’d be sitting there watching T.V,” stated Shawn. “And it would fly by me. By the time I’d get up to get it, it was gone.”

Allegedly, after an exhausting several minutes of searching, the family’s cats collapsed on the cool kitchen floor to nap; the family dog became interested in a shoe.

The Robertsons are coping with the loss of no less than three beloved magazines who sacrificed themselves hunting the fly.

“I’m going insane,” said Shawn. “I hear it in my sleep, ‘buzz, buzz, buzzzzzz’. I see it in the shower, at work. I think the damned thing has a summer home in my car! BUZZ! BUZZ!”