Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fantasy Football Team Drafts Orc Quarterback

Madison, WI – Fantasy sports have achieved national popularity and it seems that everybody is getting in on the action.

“He’s bigger, stronger, and faster than any of the humans on the team,” proclaimed Jeff Sterns, manager of a fantasy football team. “Plus, he has experience with actual pigskins.”

Sterns referred to Krag, the all-star orc quarterback he recently drafted to his fantasy football team. Krag had somewhat of a Cinderella story, working his way up from a mud-wallowing, war-mongering family life. He is now one of the most sought after players in the league.

“Jeff has always had a losing squad,” stated the manager of an opposing fantasy team. “For the longest time he relied on mana management. His head coach was a sorcerer, a sorcerer! But now I’m a little worried that he might have a chance at the cloak of victory.”

Sterns goaded his opponents with arrogant taunts.

“Go ahead, enchant the ball and send out your elves. It matters not to Krag the Accurate,” noted Sterns. “As the legend says; ‘the balls of Krag will find their path, straight and true to the hands of any receiver. Many hands have touched the balls of Krag the Accurate, and all have been showered in the milk of victory.”

Some opponents seem undaunted by the legend, claiming that Krag is just one of many trump cards in the league.