Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bulls Trade Hinrich, Thomas for “Kick-ass” first round Pogs

Chicago, IL – Rumors have been flying over potential trades by the Chicago Bulls for the upcoming NBA season. Fans can finally stop their speculation as the team has made a decision.

“It was a difficult choice, getting rid of such good players,” explained John Paxson, the team’s Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations. “Despite the talent we had to give up, I think the Bulls got a great deal.”

Paxson referred to the recent deal made by the Chicago Bulls, giving up point guard Kirk Hinrich and forward center Tyrus Thomas. In exchange for the players, the Bulls received six (6) rare pogs.

“I know, we’re a little behind the current trends,” noted Paxson. “But these pogs are really rare.”

The term “pog” refers to a game piece used in a game of the same name. Popular in the 1990s, pogs were printed with a variety of images on them and were often considered very collectible.

Reportedly, Paxson has recently become obsessed with the game. Three of the pogs in question featured the images of popular characters from the television show, “The Simpsons”; Groundskeeper Willie, C. Montgomery Burns, and Apu Nahasapeemapetilon.

The remaining pogs included, one featuring the popular character ALF, one imprinted with the image of Rat Fink, and one with a chrome outlined viper coiling around what seems to be a magic 8-ball.

“Now that I have these, I’ll probably never play ‘for keeps’ again,” joked Paxson. “I wouldn’t want to lose these babies.”

Paxson continued that he finally has a legacy to pass on to future generations. He stated that pogs will be popular forever.