Monday, June 9, 2008 Celebrates 100th Post

Chicago, IL – “We would like to apologize to our loyal reader for the lack of an article today,” stated Henry Q. Jackass, the Editor-in-Chief of Monkey Breath. “The article we had planned to post today was a retrospective look at Monkey Breath, but we celebrated our 100th post early.”

Jackass continued to explain that the entire Monkey Breath staff gathered last night to celebrate this milestone. Allegedly, no one on the staff felt up to coming to work this morning.

Monkey Breath has been updated at least daily for over three months. It is a satirical news type website based in Chicago. This monumental occasion has proven to skeptics that stupidity is essentially boundless.

“Many people laughed at my first article,” said Jackass. “And that was good, because it’s satire. Then I found out they were laughing because they thought it was a bad idea and I wouldn’t be able to maintain for very long.”

Jackass lords his moderate success over his enemies, quietly waiting for a day when he can leap down on them with terrible vengeance. Murder in his eyes, he smiles and thinks to himself, “every dog has its day”, allegedly.

“I’d just like to say, on behalf of my staff who are all at home vomiting profusely, thanks for reading, and we’ll keep the articles coming,” said Jackass. “Except today, there won’t be an article today. But other than today, we’ll keep churning out articles.”