Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Insurance Claims Reveal Iowans Wealthiest People in America

Cedar Rapids, IA – According to information gathered from the insurance claims of victims of the recent Iowa floods, Iowa residents are the richest, most decadent citizens in the entire country.

The data suggests that over 90% of the flood victims lost flat screen, plasma or LCD televisions forty-two inches or larger. No less than half of the victims reportedly lost their European made luxury cars. In some cases, the flood was so destructive; families lost entire floors of their houses.

The damaged property vanished completely, without a trace; a testament to the incredible force of the flood.

The accumulated value of the property lost equals nearly two-hundred billion dollars, an astronomical value.

Several dozen families claimed losing the world’s largest diamond, causing a dispute concerning which family’s diamond was actually the largest. One tragic insurance claim reported a family of four losing the oil fields of Saudi Arabia.

Claims adjusters called it “heartbreaking”. One claims adjuster, couldn’t hold back the tears as he recalled the case of one family having lost their solid gold Grandma.