Thursday, April 10, 2008

Big Spender Totally Getting Some

Chicago, IL- Marcus Smith, a bank manager from the near-north side, drives a fast car, wears a pricey suit and springs for the lobster; he’s totally getting some, sources say. Zoe, a paralegal, went on a date with Smith last Saturday. She was impressed and claims that his fiscal carelessness will be rewarded.

“Just hear me out,” began a somewhat defensive statement by Zoe. “If I were looking for a guy to marry, yeah I’d want a guy with money, but not one that would just throw it away. I’m not looking to get married just yet; it’s nice to be with a guy who will spring for the expensive stuff.”

Allegedly, Smith’s first date with Zoe, on Saturday night, began with Smith picking her up in his immaculate Mercedes Kompressor. Smith didn’t open the door for her, or even get out of the car; assuming that his rude behavior is part of the whole “rich guy” thing. He did, however, take her to a very expensive restaurant and order for her, he ordered the lobster. The couple then went on a tour of the city’s most exclusive clubs, settling for nothing less than VIP treatment at each.

“He’s a good looking guy, and I could do a lot worse,” claimed Zoe. “He’s earned it, I mean, “second date” earned it. Dinner and a movie usually get a guy fourth or fifth date action, but Marcus made a pretty good show.”

Smith reluctantly made a statement about the issue.

“I don’t really make that much money; I can only afford a date like that once every couple of months. That is why I’m glad she wants to cook dinner for me on Friday; all I can afford for dinner this week is ramen noodles. Do you have any idea what the car note is on that thing?”

Sources say that Zoe has spent all week cleaning her apartment, even purchasing new panties for the “big night”.