Wednesday, April 16, 2008

President Bush Embarrassed by “Crazy, Foreign” Friend

Washington, D.C.- President Bush was spotted yesterday picking up a friend from the airport.

“You’ll have to forgive him, everybody,” explained President Bush. “He’s foreign.”

The President wore a black suit and seemed to be nothing but professional; while his friend wore garish white robes and gesticulated wildly as he spoke. President Bush attributes the outrageous behavior of his companion as evidence of cultural differences.

“I mean, he doesn’t really even speak English,” noted the President. “Most of the time it’s just funny talk. But he’s a nice guy and he makes me laugh. I wish everyone would just give him a break.”

Reports suggest that President Bush hurried his friend to the White House to avoid contact with the media. Allegedly, the President cancelled his plans to eat out; instead opting to stay in for a quiet dinner at home.


American Genius said...

Excellent Post

brettbum said...

lol, great title. so good I didn't want to read the article - just didn't want to spoil it. will stop back by again though!

Drake, Don said...

Thanks, I appreciate the comments. I saw the AP photo and thought, "wow, the Pope looks like a lunatic standing there, and Bush doesn't look too happy." There it is, an article is born.