Monday, April 21, 2008

Earth Depressed About “Yet another” Earth Day

Solar System, Milky Way- “It just means I’m a year older,” commented a down-in-the-dumps Earth. “I really don’t feel like celebrating.”

The Earth referred to the annual Earth Day as “just another day”. It noted that nothing ever changes; it simply gets closer to the inevitable day when the Earth will be swallowed by the sun.

Friends of the earth have tried to cheer it up by expressing their gratitude for billions of years of planetary efforts resulting in the current capability of sustaining carbon based life. There have been suggestions that the Earth “let loose and get wasted” or just “get out there and dance”.

The Earth maintains its stance that it doesn’t have the luster of other, more heavenly bodies. Earth told friends that it stopped counting years ago and no longer cares to celebrate the annual reminder of its aging.

Reportedly, friends are hoping that the festivities will “snap the Earth out of its funk”.